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Wednesday, 21 February 2018 15:48

Лу Ли Ронг (Luo Li Rong)

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Китаянке Лу Ли Ронг (Luo Li Rong) нет равных в создании реалистичных и женственных скульптур. В ее работах есть ощущение дыхания, легкого движения. Красота тела, изгибы, грация — все это Лу Ли удалось вдохнуть в своих неподвижных героинь.

Saturday, 17 February 2018 15:41

Daniela Forti

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Daniela Forti was born in Rome, where she studied architecture and interior design. When she moved to Tuscany and opened her workshop there, she started collaborating with glassmakers and researching the dualism between light and glass. She hand-manufactures each piece using the “vetrofusione” technique: by melting glass, this artist creates whimsical, strikingly original worlds where this material acquires vivid colors and malleable shapes, and light gains a new, metaphysical essence.