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Wednesday, 08 July 2015 23:24

About Us

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    Dear friend and colleague! Art group «Skullinsky» is happy to welcome you on our web page. First of all site «www. skulinsky.com» was formed as a place of communication of people interested in contemporary art, graphics and art photography with site’s collective, creativegroup of young artists connected with love to art.



 We created an art group in 2012. «Skullinsky» connects artists who perfom art projects .

  Our group hopes for consonance of images with people who will see our projects,try to understand us ,kindly estimate and buy our works. 

 Probably the main goal of creative research is to share with founding of sense and beaty,leave after ourselves the small page in the huge book of life. Our goal is much easy-to turn the inner voice of experiences into the visual object of love, fully realize this love to the end of life-giving flame of feelings.

Draw and depict the love by living images,paints of feelings , beautiful landscapes, portraits and still life,conceptual forms.

 Art-is not a composition of skills and practice,art is a amorousness of creation process,it’s a healthy and usefull split mind ,service to inner egoism of creator.

The time gone for art projects doesn’t go into the resided time.Time is a gift of heaven, time given to art supplements the eternity.We are exposing our works for your judgement,waiting for feedback.On our website we will share not only art projects but also prose,poems,ironic videos and many others.

      Yours respectfully and love to you,visitors of my website Skullinsky and Fia.

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